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The Gift

Christmas is literally just days away. Some people knocked out their Christmas list months ago. Everything is neatly wrapped and under the tree. Others will have to navigate the crowds to get those last minute gifts. On Christmas Day, kids will wake up early to open their presents, while parents find joy in their children’s happiness. Families and friends will exchange gifts throughout the day.

As we share gifts with one another, let’s remember the greatest gift – the gift of love. Love came to the world to bring hope to the hopeless. Love brings peace in any storm, and joy even when life doesn’t go the way we want it to. Love is bigger than an emotion; it’s the way we treat others. It’s the truth inside of us that guides us in the way we live.

Love is found in the birds’ song as the sun rises each morning, and in the sky’s colors as the sun sets each evening. It’s found in spending time with an older relative, and making new memories with younger ones. Love is found in sharing a meal and a warm place to stay with someone in need, and in being there for a child who may not have a family of their own.

Love is unlimited. It knows no bounds. It can be found in laughter and tears. It transcends cultures and reaches around the world. It is truly the greatest gift, and the only gift that will last. Love remains always.

How do you give love during the holiday season?

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