The Other Side

Black America

What is it like to be Black in America? Everyone has a slightly different experience, but I bet if you ask around, many will tell you about how they’ve experienced racism in one form or another. Perhaps, an uncomfortable police stop, being followed in a store, or an awkward conversation with a non-POC, at minimum.

Some people argue that black people always play the race card and that we all can never move forward if we hang on to the past. The reality is racism can still be found often, and we won’t move forward if we don’t learn from the past.

There’s a whole generation of people who experienced or allowed segregation. Those memories don’t just fade away because the nation is no longer legally segregated. The trauma and sentiments are passed on through generations if not dealt with. They continue to show up in ways that most people overlook. Just take a look at your circle of friends. Do they all look like you?

Racism may not look like what it used to, but there’s a reason there are still so many “firsts” in Black America. For such a long time, black people were prohibited from so many things. The race started, but while most of America ran, Black America was held at the starting line. Once Black America was finally allowed to run, there were still many obstacles along the path.

But Black America won’t be denied or discouraged. Black people will continue to overcome the odds and run to the finish. Run well.