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For the Culture

Music, fashion, art, sports, food – all of pop culture has been influenced by the soulful styles of black culture. What happens when cultural appreciation crosses the line into cultural appropriation?

It’s one thing to get down with a little R&B and Hip-Hop; it’s another thing to run with it as if someone else created it or to white-wash it and discredit its origins.

Other races even find ways to darken their skin and get implants and injections to achieve a physical appearance that is the natural, God-given beauty of black people.

Often times, black culture is appropriated rather than appreciated. Non people of color sometimes take credit for things that came from black culture, while the creators themselves are often overlooked, not getting the credit they deserve.

We should appreciate cultures that are different from our own. That’s how we connect with and embrace one another’s differences. We can even implement styles and traditions from other cultures into our own, while still recognizing its origins.

Culture isn’t owned like a monopoly; it’s shared.

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