Actor and director, Tim Reid, spoke at an event at my job recently on the evolution of the entertainment industry. It was the most intriguing talk I’ve probably ever heard, outside of a church sermon.

Most of us look at entertainment as a mindless way to relax, enjoy ourselves, and spend time with family. We get a good laugh from sitcoms and are drawn in to dramas as if they were real. We connect with characters and immerse ourselves in their stories.

What we often don’t realize is all art is propaganda. All entertainment pushes a message to shape our mindset and determine our behavior. As Reid put it, he realized he wasn’t in the entertainment business, but the propaganda business. The propaganda of entertainment often portrays a perception that’s contrary to reality. This becomes a problem when we accept those perceptions, instead of challenging them with reality. Reid believes his purpose is to show the reality of people and communities he’s passionate about. We can’t allow entertainment via media, Hollywood, or hip-hop to tell us who we are and how to act, nor can we allow these venues to shape our opinions of others.

So what about the Christian community? How are we portrayed? What perception is shown? Many times the news media portrays Christian leaders as greedy preachers taking advantage of their naive congregations. They make Christian businessman and reality stars seem bigoted and hateful. TV and film shows Christians as hypocritical, narrow-minded, and antiquated. This is Hollywood’s perspective. This is what the media wants people to believe so they act a certain way toward Christians.

But the reality is much different. The reality is what I live every day… not just myself, but those around me and those I’m connected to beyond my inner circle. The reality is that Christians are loving and compassionate. No, not everyone is perfect, but we’re pursuing a purity that pushes us to live our lives as Christ tells us. We’re helping our communities and sharing a message of hope that is for everyone.

Like Reid, I want to show the reality of something I’m passionate about – Jesus Christ.


New Year: 2015

Happy New Year!

2015 Happy New YearEveryone gets excited about a new year. Whether you were happy with the previous year or glad to leave it behind, everyone looks forward to what lies ahead in the new year.

But it’s not the number of the year that matters. It’s not the fact that January 1st comes around again. It’s what you will do with the new year that is important.

Without a plan, you can go through the same motions of years past; but with a vision, you can make the most out of the year that lies ahead and make strides in fulfilling your purpose.

Get a vision. Set goals. Take action.

Share your vision for 2015 in the comments.


Bad things. Good people.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

With good comes evil. With every superhero comes a villain. With Superman comes Lex Luthor. With Batman comes the Joker.

As much as they will to save everyone, sometimes things go wrong & bad things happen. Sometimes the bad guy unleashes destruction that impacts anyone in its path. Sometimes it seems that evil is running rampant, while humanity searches for someone to save mankind. But the hero always shows up at the right time. He always saves the day. He always wins, and everyone is okay.

There are two forces at work in this world – good & evil; God and the devil. Bad things happen because of the devil. But God is always there. He shows up just at the right time. He always saves the day. He always wins, and everyone is okay.

Sometimes bad things do happen. But don’t fret. God is in control & He is bringing good to you.


It’s not all black & white…

… literally & figuratively.

Throughout controversial and tense events covered by the media, there are a few takeaways I have gleaned:

  • Get the facts.
  • Issues are about right and wrong.
  • We need to change our mindsets to not focus on human characteristics, but human character.
  • We all must take responsibility for our own actions.
  • If we listen to each other, we can learn something because there is more than one valid perspective.
  • Don’t generalize.
  • Avoid division.
  • We are not required to choose sides, but have compassion for all.

z_jur-p-04-UnityIn a fallen world where justice is lost, let righteousness be found in us. I’d rather be wrong for the sake of love, than right for the sake of my pride.


Starry Night

I love a clear night when you can look up and see the stars. Such a beautiful scene.

Man has explored space, discovering stars, planets, galaxies… even venturing out into the unknown, where no man has gone before to do the impossible in uncovering the mysteries of this other world of outer space.

This is God’s creation – this great expanse of sky sprinkled with glittering lights. Man can search and search, but will never come to a full realization of the magnitude of the Heavens. Looking at a starry night sky from a human perspective on Earth is just a glimpse of God’s beauty.

2954748262_46d3dcca87I see Your beauty in the moon.
I see Your beauty in the stars.
But there’s more beyond this sky,
For this is just a glimpse of who You are.


Blog reactivated

paper-feathers-ink-letters-pen-wallpaperI used to blog some years ago, and recently thought about starting again. As a writer, it would serve to hone my craft and possibly open doors to new opportunities in the future. It will allow me to express myself, both creatively and intellectually.

But the question is: will the world be interested in what I have to say?