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Can You Believe It

With all of the differing beliefs over controversial topics, it’s important to remember that not only do people have certain rights, but we also have the right to believe as we choose. The first amendment allows for freedom of religion, giving everyone the right to practice their religious beliefs freely or to not profess any religion.

Often times, our opinions on controversial topics stem from our core belief about God and faith. The fundamentals of faith won’t always align with what society or the government says is okay. People’s stances on certain issues and religious teachings may not be the same. When this occurs, we must recognize that we cannot force someone to not believe what they believe.

I remember once when a Mormon approached me in a grocery store parking lot to share some information with me. I let him know that I am a Christian. He briefly shared what he believed, and I did the same; but I quickly let him know that neither one of us was going to change the other one’s mind, so let’s just keep it moving. Part of believing is sharing our faith with others, but we also can’t force anyone to believe the way we do.

Religious liberty allows me to believe without anyone prohibiting me from exercising my beliefs, and it also allows the next person to not believe or be forced into practicing a religion.

What do you believe?

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