The Other Side

The Other Side

Everybody has an opinion. There are so many controversial topics that people argue about over the internet from behind their phone screens – from religion to politics to who is the GOAT. You can hardly go to the comments section without someone saying something that elicits an eye roll from you in real life. You try your hardest, but every now and then you find yourself caught up – going back and forth with a complete stranger, waiting anxiously for the next notification to craft a lengthy response with big words, thinly veiled insults, and a condescending tone. Hours later, you’ve wasted a lot of time and neither side sees anything differently. There are a lot of people talking loudly, but not a lot of people listening.

What would happen if we all took the time to listen? What if instead of planning our next reply, we actually heard each other, asked questions, and listened to understand? Could there possibly be another perspective that we haven’t considered? At the end of the day, we still may not agree, but we can better understand one another when we see things from the other side.

This is the start of a conversation where we will take a look at hot topics in hopes of seeing something we’ve never seen before and understanding one another better in the process.

Have you ever got caught up in a social media argument?