“One & Done”

Four freshmen led the Duke Blue Devils to win the 2015 NCAA men’s basketball national championship. Now the questions remain: who will return, and who will be “one and done” and enter the NBA draft.

Attitudes toward whether young athletes with supreme talent should go pro or continue their college career/education span the spectrum. But are comments like this Senator’s tweet necessary? Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but your opinion doesn’t make their choice wrong.

More often than not, I feel there’s no hurry to go pro. Finish your free education and continue to develop as an athlete and mature as a person. Your talent will be even more refined once you reach the big leagues, and you’ll have a fall back plan should something go awry.

But, on the other hand, it’s an elite group of people that even have the skills to make it in professional sports, and an even smaller percentage that have superstar success. So if that’s you, and you feel it’s the right decision for your life, then go for it.

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