Musical artist, fashion designer, celebrity… ego-maniac… Yeezus?
Kanye West has been the center of much genius and much controversy, the latest being the “Book of Yeezus,” a so-called bible that replaces
every use of “God” with “Kanye.”

The creators of this book ask the questions:
“If the Bible, the most singularly significant publication in the ancient canon of western tradition, were updated to reflect our modern society, what would it look like? Why does Kanye West take such outsized significance in the lives of many?” They describe it as “interventionist art” for the “new age.”

So what is it about Kanye? Is he one of this generation’s gods? What makes him so appealing that the masses want to follow, even worship, him?

It’s a complex idea to sort through, but my point here is really simple. What if Kanye used his influence and artistry to bring those masses to Jesus Christ? What if he took Paul’s approach – follow me, as I follow Christ? So many celebrities have huge followings and major influence. It would be worth so much more if their message was one that changed your eternity.

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