Actor and director, Tim Reid, spoke at an event at my job recently on the evolution of the entertainment industry. It was the most intriguing talk I’ve probably ever heard, outside of a church sermon. Most of us look at entertainment as a mindless way to relax, enjoy ourselves, and spend time with family. We […]

New Year: 2015

Happy New Year! Everyone gets excited about a new year. Whether you were happy with the previous year or glad to leave it behind, everyone looks forward to what lies ahead in the new year. But it’s not the number of the year that matters. It’s not the fact that January 1st comes around again. […]

Bad things. Good people.

Why do bad things happen to good people? With good comes evil. With every superhero comes a villain. With Superman comes Lex Luthor. With Batman comes the Joker. As much as they will to save everyone, sometimes things go wrong & bad things happen. Sometimes the bad guy unleashes destruction that impacts anyone in its […]

It’s not all black & white…

… literally & figuratively. Throughout controversial and tense events covered by the media, there are a few takeaways I have gleaned: Get the facts. Issues are about right and wrong. We need to change our mindsets to not focus on human characteristics, but human character. We all must take responsibility for our own actions. If we […]

Starry Night

I love a clear night when you can look up and see the stars. Such a beautiful scene. Man has explored space, discovering stars, planets, galaxies… even venturing out into the unknown, where no man has gone before to do the impossible in uncovering the mysteries of this other world of outer space. This is […]

Blog reactivated

I used to blog some years ago, and recently thought about starting again. As a writer, it would serve to hone my craft and possibly open doors to new opportunities in the future. It will allow me to express myself, both creatively and intellectually. But the question is: will the world be interested in what […]