Alton Sterling

alton-sterling-10Another person killed by police. It’s becoming an all too familiar headline. Same story, different name. But not just a name; a human being.

I hear people say, “They need to take responsibility for their actions. They should not have been ________ (fill in the blank),” referring to the victim. Let’s say Alton Sterling was doing something more than selling CDs in front of a convenience store. Let’s say he did threaten someone with a gun that led to a 9-1-1 call. Can we honestly say that the events that subsequently transpired were the best course of action?

The consequence for Alton Sterling was death. The punishment does not fit the crime (if some crime was committed). Not to mention, if a crime was committed, he was not allowed due process by the justice system to be proven innocent or found guilty.

I’m not playing the race card. It’s what has been dealt. I won’t wave the black banner for justice and civil rights. That is not where my hope lies. I wave the banner of Jesus Christ – the banner of compassion toward people who are suffering and forgiveness toward those who wrong others. Let God bring justice; and I will bring love.

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