Mike Brown… Darren Wilson. Eric Garner… Daniel Pantaleo. Walter Scott… Michael Slager.

We’ve all heard these names. These recent killings have sparked movements across the nation that focus on injustices that appear to happen to a specific group of people. While it may be necessary, it can also inadvertently breed an underlying current of division because of these categorizations.

i-want-to-be-here-ferguson-protests-lure-many-from-across-the-country-2a703f7e566aa30dThe person who may or may not have acted completely responsibly and innocently matters. The person who made a mistake, exercised poor judgment, or even consciously made a horribly tragic choice still matters. No matter what side of the equation, the people involved are still people, whether they were right or wrong.

We must be careful to not dismiss anyone as invaluable, regardless of their actions, while we push to raise the value of someone else. To get to a better place, everyone must matter.

Jesus died for all lives. To Him, all lives matter.

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